Happy 4th of July America and happy 246th birthday. Relatively young compared to many nations around the world, but what we lack for in age we make up for in freedom.


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These are some turbulent times for us here in the United States, but with freedom, you must expect some disagreements. I may not agree with your opinion but I respect your right to have it, as long as you are not violating someone else's rights (acting within reason). Just like any family we may have some issues and we learn from our mistakes, but in the end, we are all Americans. Let's face it if the U.S.A. isn't your favorite there are lots of places to move to.

That being said, I celebrate my nation today and I have the red, white, and blue on display for everyone to enjoy.



Unsplash.com Andrew Ruiz
Unsplash.com Andrew Ruiz



I decided to ask you at home today what it is you love about living in America and wanted to share your thoughts on this 4th of July.

  • Wendy: It's the best country in the world IMO. We have the ability to go as far as we want, and be whatever we want to be.
  • Sharon: Yes Very Proud
  • Joyce: I'm right there with you! This is the best Country in the world LOVE USA.
  • Tom: I love my country and all it's done to help others
  • Jessica: We are the land of the FREE
  • John: We fight for good in the world
  • Regina: Land of the free and home of the brave
  • Colleen: Land of the Free plus too many to list
  • Cathy: Freedom to share my values and opinions.
  • Anita: Freedoms without governmental censor of what I say and do. Our ability reach out to attain the American Dream if we so choose. God Bless America! I AM proud to be an American. I am a proud FIRST GENERATION American.
  • Debbie: My Family someone in each branch of the Military, going back to my grandfather who fought in US Calvary, fought for our right to Stay free i have always been proud to be American.
  • Nancy: Always been proud to being an American and still am. Love my freedom to believe in my religion, say what I want to say and respect my President no matter who it is. Always been proud to wear and display the red, white and blue. God bless America!




I love this poem by Patricia A Fleming, take a moment to enjoy this and other 4th of July poetry from  "Family Friendly Poems"

She waves for my attention,
So free upon the breeze.
The sun reflects her stars and stripes,
As proud as she can be.

She tells a tale of people lost,
Who came to find their way
And carried on through every loss,
To bring us here today.

She reminds me of the brave who fought
To keep our country strong
And shouts at me of victories
To right egregious wrongs.

She whispers to our children
Of all this country has to give
And begs that they stand up for her
And give thanks for how they live.

She cries to me of apathy,
Of prejudice and hate,
Of disrespect for what she stands,
And a Constitution we forsake.

She demands that I acknowledge her
And what she means to me
And dares me to imagine life
If she should cease to be.

And still in Glory she unfurls
And gives me hope again
For a people reunited,
And a country on the mend.

So each time I see her wave at me,
I'll stop and gaze above
And take a moment to respect
This country that I love.



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