One of the most popular summer events in Ocean County has been the weekly "Kite Night" in Seaside Park sponsored by Ocean County based Cobra Kites.

After 18 years of hosting the weekly kite fly, Cobra Kites has had to step away from the weekly gathering of kite enthusiasts.

Thankfully, though, we've been assured by Seaside Park that the weekly kite fly will continue with a new vendor starting on July 3rd.

On their official Facebook page, Cobra Kites stated that organizing the weekly kite flight has grown to entail too much, ", commitment, and expense..."  for them to host, which is why the weekly event will be hosted by a new vendor this year.

Of course you can still head out to your local beach to let your kites take flight any day (check local rules first, some beaches prohibit kite flying during hours that lifeguards are on duty, but welcome them after), and you can stay up to date with the latest events in Seaside Park, including the return of Kite Nights on July 3rd, by clicking here for the Borough's official website.


Editor's note - This story has been updated to reflect that Seaside Park's weekly
"Kite Night" will continue with a new sponsor, and that Cobra Kite's statement reflects that they will no longer be involved.


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