Anytime you talk about politics you are sure to make a certain percentage of the population unhappy. It’s the nature of the topic.  However to some extent everyone has an opinion when it comes to President Donald Trump and even some of his ardent supporters are questioning his actions and words just three weeks into his term.

Yesterday’s release by the White House of 78 terrorist incidents it claims were under reported by the media is the latest head-scratcher.  Trump has already established the fact he does not trust the media and I assume the list is supposed to back up his actions when it comes to everything he is doing to make it tougher to enter the United States.

However for us the claim is almost laughable because among the 78 terror attacks was what took place in Seaside Park and Manhattan back in September.

That incident which began with a pipe bomb in a garbage can along the route of a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park was heavily reported by us at Townsquare Media and just about every other media outlet.

It gained even further attention with related incidents in New York City that same night right up to the eventual arrest of a suspect a couple of days later.  Clearly this incident was covered and reported and the term “terrorist” was used over and over again.

I have said all along that Trump is our President and deserves time and in some cases support of his efforts. While I agree that today’s media is often quite slanted in their reporting and has been largely unfair to Trump he has to stop with his “dishonest press” and “fake news” campaign.  There are simply much bigger issues that effect and impact all of us.



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