A chem lab spill in Manchester Township High School Monday prompts evacuation of the entire science wing.

Manchester Township High School Science Lab Spill Scene (Manchester PD)
Manchester Township High School Science Lab Spill Scene (Manchester PD)

Township police say they fielded the report of a hazardous material condition at about 1:21 PM. Five students and the teacher were in the room at the time. None of them complained of injuries, police said.

School administrators told police that a student dropped a 500-milliliter jar containing manganese (11) sulfate solution, silver nitrate solution 0.2 m, lead nitrate solution, nickel sulfate, and cobalt chloride aqueous solution 2.5 percent.

Manchester police did not offer details about the experiment that required the specific components in the beaker, their relative volatility, or whether it produced a gas, an odor, or both, or what the consequences would be of breathing it under those circumstances.

They also did not elaborate on whether the room sustained any damage, or why only the science wing was considered in need of evacuation.

The Manchester Investigations Bureau, Fire Department, First Aiders and the Berkeley Township HazMat Response Team responded. The Berkeley Township crew decontaminated the area.

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