Last Thursday was a very hard day for our family. It's heartbreaking saying goodbye to our best friend, our family member, and the greatest, old dog ever in our eyes.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Obi was my husband and step-sons dog when they moved in. He's been with my husband since Obi was 3 and he's a service dog. He was the best-behaved dog. I still hear him walking down the hall on our wood floors. He was a giant lab, smelly, happy, loyal, and had my husband's heart that was with him through so much.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Abby and I met Obi when we all moved in together almost 6 years ago. WOW, time flies! We instantly fell in love with this gentle giant with the huge, happy tail. Everyone that came in our door loved Obi. As he got older he was called, "Grandpa Obi" by some.

He was 15 years old and with the last year, his hip dysplasia and arthritis made it so he couldn't walk anymore. We always said if he couldn't get up to eat or go outside, it was time. The poor old boy just couldn't move and it broke it our hearts.

Down to his last minutes, he was tired, his tail was still wagging, we gave him a boney, and he knew he was loved so much and he had the greatest life! "Thank you" Obi for choosing us to be your forever family!

We walked in after being at the vet with his collar and the other dogs were sniffing and licking his collar. We had four dogs and within the last 2 years, we lost 2 because of old age. Our 2 little ones at home don't know who to bother and jump on anymore. It's rather boring with 2 now. It's heartbreaking seeing the other dogs sort of moping around the house.

Just like me if you own a pet, there is nothing better than that love from a pet, my best friend - and as we said "good-bye"-- I knew he knew he was loved so much. For a Mamma of fur-babies, that's all we need to know.