The tornado that crossed paths in Burlington County on Saturday night has been rated an EF-1.

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The National Weather Service team has also confirmed that a tornado touched down in Springfield Township east of Route 206. 6 ABC reports that the tornado had winds sustained between 80 and 90 M.P.H. when it touched down just one mile from the Burlington County Fairgrounds at the intersection of Columbus and Jobbstown road.

According to, the tornado took a terrifying 8-mile path around 10:30 Saturday night  Damage was contained to an 800-yard vicinity of where the tornado first touched down in the Columbus section of Mansfield Township.

There was significant tree damage with one tree being snapped and one being uprooted in the area of Columbus and Jobbstwon road. Thankfully there were no injuries to report due to the tornado.

Recently, two tornadoes touched down in the Garden State thanks to Tropical Storm Elsa. According to the National Weather Service, an EF-1 packing sustained winds of 100 MPH touched down in Woodbine in the early morning hours of July 9th, and an EF-0 with 80 MPH also struck in the early morning hours touching down along Sycamore Drive in Little Egg Harbor located in Ocean County.

I remember my wife waking me up when the tornado warning due to Elsa was first issued and she insisted that we take shelter in our basement. It was tough to get back to sleep especially with the winds howling.

The best thing to do when a tornado warning is issued is to get to a safe room like a basement, storm cellar, or small interior room on the lowest level of a sturdy building. Be sure to stay away from doors, windows, and outside walls.

You can always check the latest South Jersey weather conditions with our Lite Rock chief meteorologist  Dan Zarrow.

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