Every year it's so exciting to hear the firetruck coming through our neighborhood in Bayville. Santa's coming and we're all ready.

Thank you to our awesome town and awesome fire department. Berkeley Township Mayor Carman Amato along with the Bayville Volunteer Fire Company announced the "Santa Run" will be happening again this year in Berkeley Township.

"Santa Run" will begin next week. WOW, so exciting. Remember, when you hear the firetrucks through Berkeley, it could be Santa. You can track Santa every night when he starts next week. You track him on Facebook and the glimpse app once again. The kids love this. There will be a link right at the Berkeley Township Facebook page to track Santa. Grab the kids, tell them to download the app on their phone, and have them track Santa as he gets closer to your house. *The glimpse app can be found for an iPhone and an Android.*

CLICK HERE for the map of where Santa will be in Berkeley Township. Santa begins his trek on Sunday, December 5th, at 2:00 pm. This is pretty cool, Berkeley put together a map of where Santa will be and color-coded it...from the Berkeley Township Facebook Page:


The schedule is subject to change due to emergencies and weather conditions. CLICK HERE for any changes. Santa will keep us up to date on any changes for "Santa Run 2021".

This is something my daughter and I always look forward to every Christmas. It's been several years now that Santa goes past every house in Berkeley Township on a firetruck and it's pretty cool to see. And, of course, candy canes, too.

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