It looks like there won't be a shortage of lifeguards on Ocean County beaches this summer.

Flickr User Vlastula

Some beaches are still recovering from Sandy, so they will not be re-opening. As a result, they are not hiring any new lifeguards.

"In my case, I actually benefited in that I picked up some guards from other beaches who are not going to be rehired because the beaches where they work are not re-opening," said Joe Gomulka, Lifeguard Captain in Seaside Park.

As a result of the October storm, the landscape has changed along the New Jersey coastline. It also left a great deal of debris in the water.

"With each passing storm, some of the debris is exposed. We mark it and call our Public Works Department to remove it. So, things are being spotted as we move along," said Gomulka. "The water is obviously clean, the beaches look really good, but I think everyone should just use some caution. You go in the water, you get wet, you can swim a little bit, but just be careful that you're not body surfing."

It's just a matter of using common sense and a little bit of caution at the beach.

"Any big pieces of debris will be obvious. If the water is murky, it's natural to be more cautious anyway," said Gomulka. "Lifeguards are scanning the water regularly. At high tide, it's hard to see things, but during low tide, it's a little easier to see."

"We have a great set of beaches here in Ocean County, but when you go you just need to be a little more aware than you may have been in the past. We're not back to normal just yet."