Traveling one of the most heavily-trod intersections in Toms River, likely will cost more time than usual for about 10 days beginning August 21. 

(Maciej Korzekwa, ThinkStock)
(Maciej Korzekwa, ThinkStock)

Underground pipe work is expected to block the center lane of Route 166 (Main Street), from Route 37 to Gateway Drive, in each direction, until August 31, according to Toms River Police.

It's a small, but significant stretch, and the subsurface work is prep for a new traffic signal that is aimed at giving drivers approaching Main Street from Highland Parkway an easier task of turning onto Main in either direction. The signal is already in place, only not yet operating.

Meanwhile, for 10 days, Main Street heading north from downtown Toms River will likely resemble a conga line at times, even for those wishing only to reach the cutaway for Route 37 eastbound.

The neighborhood south of Route 37 and east of the work zone is likely to see heavier than normal traffic, consisting of drivers seeking Route 37 eastbound via back strreets to Thomas or King Streets.

The closure will stay in place around the clock, police said.

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