In what may be one of the most brilliant moves I've ever seen, Brick's Ocean Ice Palace has put two beloved amusements together - ice skating and bumper cars!

Seriously, I think this is a stroke of genius. Everyone loves getting a group of friends into a fleet of bumper cars and letting out some pent up aggression for a couple of minutes.

But now that winter is here, not a lot of people are heading out to the boardwalk for bumper cars.

And even if you are, the bumper cars that used to be in Seaside Park were of course destroyed by the 2013 fire, and it may be frowned upon if a gaggle of adults showed up to ride the kiddie cars at Jenkinson's Boardwalk.

But now winter sports and a family friendly vehicular onslaught go hand in hand right on Chambersbridge Road!

Just check out some of these videos from the Ocean Ice Palace's Facebook page:

I'm convinced!

You can get more info on Ocean County's very own ice bumper cars at Ocean Ice Palace's webpage by clicking here!


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