It was 4 years ago today, not even a full year after Superstorm Sandy devastated the shore, that many of us watched in shock as a massive fire engulfed almost all of the Seaside Park boardwalk.

It was a sickening blow to a community that was just getting to the end of the first post-Sandy summer season.

Sandy took much of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, the fire took what survived in Seaside Park.

The boardwalk itself was rebuilt relatively quickly, with the boards ready for visitors by early summer 2014, but it's only been this past summer that we've had the rebuilding progressing at a rapid pace, with buildings and businesses being built and opened for business.

Here's a look back at 4 years ago, compared to today:


And of course, here's the view of the Seaside Park boardwalk into Seaside Heights from Skycam 927, the WOBM drone:


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