Just about everything has political overtones these days so if you take a side on any issue you are bound to face criticism from those who don’t share your viewpoints.

So here I go opening my mouth again with an opinion that some will agree with and others will want to vilify me for having.

Let me first tip my toes in the ocean before diving in.

If you did not admire the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg then you have likely not followed her career or read or watched any of the glowing tributes that have come her way.  Regardless of how you feel about her viewpoints you simply can’t overlook the hurdles she had to jump over to spend 27 years on the nation’s highest court.

Hers is a true American success story and by her own accounts she had to overcome three significant obstacles when she graduated #1 from Columbia University Law School in 1959.  She was Jewish, a woman and a mother and finding a job did not come easy.  Of course she eventually did and the rest is history.

By the way one of the things I found most interesting about the Brooklyn-born Ginsburg was her deep friendship with the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  Despite being on opposite ends when it came to many issues they were very good friends and welcomed the opportunity to debate their differences.

Neither would likely ever convince the other to come to their side but that never impacted their friendship.  We could use a lot more of that today when it comes to our political leaders.

Now I feel compelled to address the big issue and that is whether President Trump and Republican senators should go ahead with their plans to nominate and fast-track a replacement for RBG on the Supreme Court.

It is a huge issue because Republicans want Trump to appoint a conservative to replace the liberal-minded Ginsburg which would give them a solid 6-3 advantage.  Democrats want to wait until after the Presidential election because if Joe Biden wins then that nominee will certainly be one with liberal views.

With the election just 43 days away I think the proper move is to wait and see who takes the oath of office in January.

I doubt that will be the way this goes down.

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