Earlier this week I posted something on Facebook aimed at those who were complaining about the heat as we were in the midst of our first real stretch of hot weather this summer season.

Mind you only a week or so before many (me included) were wondering when the warm weather would arrive because temperatures were below normal and it was pretty depressing.  I did my post after overhearing a woman talking about taking her children out of school early because the school did not have air conditioning and it was simply too hot for them to be in a classroom.

Well I sort of went on a rant about this and when all was said and done I got 87 comments on Facebook with the overwhelming majority agreeing with me that we have gotten way too soft. So that’s my follow up message today. We are soft and it’s primarily the fault of PARENTS (myself included).

This is the entitlement generation and I don’t have time to do the subject matter justice so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  We (notice how I’m saying we) are more concerned about being friends to our children than parents.  We want our kids to like us which is fine but should be second to respecting us because at times we’re supposed to make unpopular decisions.

So when our child says it’s hot in the classroom we should not feel sorry for them but rather tell them to suck it up because it’s only a few more days before the school year is over.

Our parents and grandparents generation demanded more from their children.  Kids had responsibilities and chores and they were not an option.  They walked or rode their bike and while safety concerns have changed things today parents should not always feel like they are glorified taxi drivers.

Today’s youth often spends hours playing video games…we spent hours playing outside with our friends.

We live in a time in which mediocrity is not only acceptable but celebrated from pre-k graduations to participation awards for everyone.  Why strive for success when everyone gets the same reward?  Sure I know this just sounds like another rant from an old guy but mark my words. When you set the bar low what you get are those that can’t find a way over it.



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