Just some random thoughts on an otherwise ho-hum first day of February:

A lot of things have come and gone in downtown Toms River but Capone’s Gourmet Pizza & Pasta remains a staple.  That’s because the food is always good with some interesting daily specials and the pizza is outstanding.  Jimmy Capone and his family know how to run a restaurant and they also give back to many charitable causes. Capone’s clearly helped the downtown survive the tough times and thrive in the last couple of years with a flurry of businesses and special events.

attachment-Capone's Pizza

So far this has been a bad winter for those who depend on earning some cash with snow plows.  Not only did we not have any measurable snow in January the forecast for the next couple of weeks does not show any major storms.  My guess is we’ll have a terrible spring as a way for pay for this very mild winter.

When you have no rooting interest in the game the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is filled with nothing of substance but a tremendous amount of over analyzation.  I really don’t care about the game until about 5pm on Super Bowl Sunday.  I actually do have some rooting interest in that my philosophy is anyone but the Eagles…or Cowboys.

The hype over what Tom Brady might do next is brutal. Actually we don't have to worry about this as today he officially announced his retirement.  This time I think it's for real. Good for him!

Between spam calls and emails I spent too much time blocking and deleting.  Just saying!

If I seem somewhat grumpy I am.  It’s a sign of old age.

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