Like Starbucks in the 90s, it seems like every time you turn around in Ocean County these days, there's a new QuickChek going up.

And in the not too distant future, there will be a new one at one of the busiest intersections at the whole shore.

Just in the last year or so, we've had new QuickCheks show up in Lakewood, on New Hampshire Ave, right across from FirstEnergy Park. Beachwood, right on Route 9 (a replacement of the aging outlet just down the road), and Route 70/Brick Boulevard in Brick will soon be added to the roster.

And now, one of the most heavily traveled intersections in Toms River has been quickly building yet another, right at the corner of Fischer Boulevard and Route 37.

As the 7-11 on the opposite side of the road has certainly seen in the time that it's been there that traffic coming and going from Seaside Heights will happily make one more pit stop before heading over the bridge, or fuel up on the way out of town.

The construction is still going on in the early stages, but the building frame itself is up and the "Now Hiring" sign is out. We'll keep an eye on it and let you know as it gets closer to completion!


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