It’s one of those, “little of this and a little of that days.”

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a tough spot following the anti-Semitic comments made by wide receiver DeSean Jackson on social media the other day, especially considering the anti-racism stand being promoted by athletes, teams and leagues.

Jackson posted a quote that was incorrectly attributed to Adolf Hitler. Later he would apologize although you can question the sincerity of that as it came after he spoke with the team owner who just happens to be Jewish.

I thought ESPN anchor Elle Duncan summed it up best when she said “there would be deserved outrage if a white player posted a quote on Instagram attributed to David Duke.  There is no hierarchy when it comes to bigotry.  Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism.  They are all despicable behaviors.  They are all disgusting and as such should all be treated in the same vein.”

No question the Eagles should take some action against Jackson and many feel he should be released although his contract may make that difficult.  What is equally problematic for the team is several years ago receiver Riley Cooper was discovered on video to have used the “N word” in a dispute with a black security guard at a concert.  He was fined, apologized but remained with team.

Kevin Williams on the beach
Kevin Williams on the beach (Kevin WIlliams, Townsquare Media NJ)

There’s still plenty of summer left and maybe you are thinking that it’s time to get a new beach chair before your current one falls apart.  Don’t throw it away yet because in some places finding a new one is similar to what it was like trying to buy toilet paper in April.

According to a story in the New York Post beach chairs are a hot item and not just for those heading to the beach itself but as a way to remain outside while social distancing in backyards, parks or even parking lots.

Some store owners on Long Island say they can’t get any to sell and those searching online are not having much luck unless they want to pay inflated prices or wait weeks or even months for delivery.

Lots of feedback on yesterday’s segment in which I called for a pause to everything associated with high school sports and a delay to the start of the fall season.  While Phase 1 of the NJSIAA’s Return to Play begins on Monday not all schools will be starting then with some opting to delay. The Cape-Atlantic League (South Jersey) is recommending that its 22 schools not begin summer workouts until July 27th for football and August 3rd for other fall sports.

I can tell you that an announcement is expected this week that will be significant.



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