By now the news has spread around the world - there were three winning Powerball tickets from last night's unprecedented drawing for nearly $1.6 billion dollars. And, according to press releases, California's winner has stepped forward. Sound unlikely? Read on:

According to this press release, the man who is claiming his share of the record setting jackpot is a man by the name of Paul Horner.

Hang on, does that name sound familiar to you, too?

It did to me, and that's because it's the same guy who posted do it yourself press releases in December of 2013 when the Mega Million lottery jackpot ballooned to over $600 million.

Last time, "Paul Horner" (if that's even a real name) said that he planned to use his windfall on a collection of "little people clothes".

I mean, it must be true, right? The press release does link to an interview by CBS.

Hang on, that is most definitely not the real CBS website.

"Paul Horner", whether he's an actual person or not, was not one of last night's Powerball winners.

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