It's a big week in the "Lottery" world here in New Jersey and around parts of the nation. We have two big lottery games going and between them both, it's worth about not one but two billion dollars. Yes, I said "billion". Do you remember when 100 K was a huge prize? Well forget it, a million isn't even that big, now we talk about the lottery we are talking about "billions" of dollars. Let's break down the current lottery situation.


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First, let's talk about tonight's Mega Millions jackpot. The jackpot for tonight's drawing is 1.1 billion dollars, so it's not just a billion it's over a billion dollars. If you are hungry for the cash now, the cash option is $525.8 million. So there is a question for you, would you give away a half billion dollars to get the cash payout?


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The second lottery game we have going is the Powerball. Monday night there was no winner, so Wednesday's jackpot is $865 million. If you are wondering, the cash option payout is $416.1 million. Once again we ask "Would you take the cash option and lose about half the winnings?"




So if you love the lottery and you are dreaming big this is a great week for you with not one but two big drawings this week. Tonight (3/26/24) is the Mega Millions estimated at 1.1 billion dollars. Tomorrow's (3/27/24) jackpot in the Powerball is estimated at $865 million. Good luck and it could be a big week for someone playing the New Jersey Lottery this week.


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