Suffice to say, there's a pretty good chance that nobody reading this article became a multi-millionaire since yesterday. We now know that there were two winners of the Mega Millions. One of them supposedly came forward today. But if you dig a little more into the story, it gets a little shady.

A man by the name of Paul Horner was apparently the Mega Millions winner from San Jose, CA and, in an "exclusive interview", he said how he planned to spend the money:

I like collecting baby clothes or little people clothes. If the shirt is tiny I just really love it, the tinier the better," Horner said. "Now that I have all this money I know I'm going to be buying so many really small wardrobes. I'll probably go on a lot of little clothes shopping sprees. There's a tiny person clothes store right by my house, I'll be there for sure."

Wait a second, can this guy be for real?

The answer is no. No, he is not for real.

The first thing that made me suspicious, besides the ridiculous way that he said he'd spend the hundreds of millions, was the fact that I'd never heard of the website "PRLOG" before. It turns out that it's a website where you can write your own press releases.

That's right - anybody can write a "press release" about anything they want.

Want people to think that you single handedly saved an out of control bus full of nuns and orphans? Go ahead and submit your press release through PRLOG!

The next thing that raised my BS radar was the fact that when I Googled "Paul Horner Mega Millions" the only results were from similarly sketchy self-reporting "news" sites, and then this popped up dated November 30, 2012:

Yup, this isn't "Paul Horner's" first time pulling our chains about winning an epic lotto prize.

Obviously this is just the latest example of why you shouldn't believe everything that you read online. In the meantime, 99.99% of us will continue to dream about what we'd do with a couple hundred million dollars.

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