Nobody knows for sure what to expect once President-elect Donald Trump becomes President Trump on Friday but clearly there has never been anything like what’s taken place between Election Day in November and the inauguration on Friday.

Many are to blame for what’s become a national and international embarrassment and I’m sure there will be more developments over the next few days that only add to this.

I truly believe a significant part remains centered on the fact that the anti-Trump faction still can’t accept he was elected.  Sure Hillary Clinton had her flaws but not nearly has many as a former reality TV star whose candidacy to them was a joke.

Two months later the Election Night results are still a shock especially when you add Clinton’s victory in the popular vote.  Of course many of these people also pay little attention to the fact Trump won an overwhelming percentage of the counties across the country.

My point is that at least part of the blame for the lunacy we are witnessing is the fact that many (including Meryl Streep) never really took Trump’s bid for the White House seriously and then they woke up on November 9th to the shocking fact that he had won.

Of course a large part rests squarely with the soon-to-be POTUS who takes to Twitter to answer his critics like a teenager who was just dumped by his girlfriend.

Social media is a great way to communicate in an instant but at times you just wish somebody would take away Trump’s phone for a day.  Hopefully he’ll make better choices in the future and not just when it comes to Twitter.

In all honesty nobody is a winner here and that includes the more than three dozen congressman who are boycotting the inauguration.  They are part of the problem and not the solution.

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