It blows my mind how much technology has advanced in such a relatively short period of time. It was only one generation ago, when I was a kid, where our "high tech" toys were things like the Speak & Spell. These days, some toddlers' first toys are iPads and smartphones. Are they starting too young though?

As someone who doesn't have kids, I haven't seen this leap in childhood technology happen first hand. But, it struck me earlier this week when I was waiting for an appointment and a kid, who I would guess was around 8, was happily keeping herself busy on an iPad while her mother flipped through a magazine.

Walking through a place like the Ocean County Mall, I've been surprised by how many young kids have smartphones, which are usually a couple hundred dollars (and even more expensive if they get lost or broken).

Am I just a grumpy old man, or are kids getting their hands on technology too young?

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