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In these times of so many changes because of Covid-19, some things stay the same. Skate parks have become so popular in our Ocean County towns.

Mayor Paul Kanitra announced the opening of the Point Pleasant Beach Skate Park, thanks to the patch.com. Mayor Kanitra says the skate park is open but wants everyone to be responsible when using the park. The skate park is open everyday from 8 am - dusk. According to the patch.com, Mayor Kanitra says:

"This skateboard park is a totally clean slate. It will be whatever you make it. If you treat it respectfully, keep it clean and make sure everyone else does the same, it can genuinely thrive and become a true part of our community."

There are rules when entering the Skate Park:

*Please use hand sanitizer before before you use the Skate Park.

*The skate park will have a sign saying 13 maximum users.

*The skate park will have signs requiring the wear of safety equipment including helmets and elbow and knee pads.

*Covid-19 rules apply too - Face masks should be worn while using park. Skaters can not share equipment, and skaters must use 6 feet distance between them.

Spohn Ranch Skateparks constructed a concrete skatepark at the Little League Complex, with costs not exceeding $215,000, according to the patch.com.

These skate parks are very cool and the kids in my neighborhood using the skate parks are amazing. Have fun and be safe in Point Pleasant Beach.


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