A Point Pleasant Beach Police Officer was on local patrol when he caught a man red handed entering into and then out of a home carrying stolen items.

It was Sunday afternoon when the home robbery took place.

Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief Robert J. Kowalewski said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon that Officer Jeffrey Latshaw was on patrol in the area of Sanborn Avenue and Baltimore Avenue when he saw a suspicious man enter a residence he didn't reside in.

The suspect then found his way through the home and left out of the garage with several items that didn't belong to him.

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After a police investigation, 41-year old Jason Pascale of Point Pleasant Beach was charged with Burglary, and Theft.

Following his arrest, Pascale was then brought to the Ocean County Jail.

While this case is solved, Chief Kowalewski asks residents to be vigilant.

"All residents, please be aware of this type of activity and contact the police department if you observe any suspicious activity."

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