It's called the Shipwreck Saloon Cocktail Experience, sounds very cool.

Right away when I saw this I thought Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. I love it.

Nastco Getty Images
Nastco Getty Images

 What is the Shipwreck Saloon Cocktail Experience?

It's a chilling cocktail experience in the dark of night. It's an interactive show where the dead tell their tales based on the real-life murders and legends of the Pirates of the South Seas. It's a high-energy interactive show. There will be four different rum cocktails given throughout the show experience.

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This show is for a limited time here at the Jersey Shore, I believe it's only two nights. The ShipwreckSaloon Cocktail Experience is happening Friday, December 8th, 2023 and Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

It's taking place at The White Sands Oceanfront Resort and Spa on 1205 Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach.

Get your tickets by clicking here.

Thanks to the website, the highlights of the show:

*Step into an interactive show and cocktail experience led by mischievous pirates

*Experience the stories and the mystery of the legendary Pirates of the South Seas

*Indulge in 4 delicious cocktails that pair with each part of the show

*The pop-up will be available for a limited time

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