I have openly admitted right here in these pages that I like my gadgets and that I preordered an iPhone 6 in the wee hours of the morning to ensure a launch-day delivery. But the conversations on some online message boards have made me look perfectly sane. 

The best place to see people crumble under the sheer anticipation is on the MacRumors forums.

In a discussion that now stretches close to 200 pages, hundreds of people speculate from day one on where, how, and when their cherished devices will be delivered.

Don't get me wrong, I get it. I mean, I'm excited too. But it gets a little ridiculous how antsy some people are getting. There are countless examples of people who are truly panicking because their credit cards haven't been charged yet and their online order status still says "Pending".

Again, I get it. I'm an early adopter too. But, if I wanted to ensure being one of the first, I'd have planned to camp out at an Apple Store like some people.

A friend of mine even showed me a website where people are literally tracking the shipper flights that their tracking numbers correspond to.

Let me say that one more time - some people are getting so obsessed that they're literally virtually watching the UPS or FedEx flights that their phones are connected to.

The one comment that most boggled my mind was one person who was upset that their tracking information showed that their iPhone was sitting in a shipper distribution facility down the street on Tuesday, three full days before the official launch-day. The iPhone aficionado was upset that his shiny new toy was only miles away, while he (or she) had to wait until Friday (like everyone else) to get it into their hands.

I don't know how Apple could have made it more clear - you can have your iPhone 6 on Friday, September 19th. Just because it's nearby on the 16th, doesn't mean you can have it yet.

I definitely understand the frustration for folks who have been collared with long backorder times, with some devices not expected until mid-October, or even later in some cases. I'd be annoyed too. But hitting refresh on your order status every 10 minutes isn't going to make it arrive any sooner.

Full disclosure - I may be just as bad as the people that I'm calling out - I saw a FedEx truck when I pulled into the office parking lot today and got all nervous and excited. The anticipation has clearly become contagious.

For the record - my iPhone 6 was not on that truck. But, if the FedEx website is to be believed, it's sitting in Newark right now and will be at the office by 3pm tomorrow.

So, yeah, I guess in the end, I'm just as bad.