Yesterday, we talked about the positives and negatives about being a part of the herd trying to be among the first to own the new iPhone. And honestly, I was on the fence about how I was going to play it. But a little insomnia made the decision for me.

My original plan was to not really make a big deal out of it. I was going to check out the Apple store when I woke up, and if the iPhone 6 was still available, great. If it wasn't, I'd try my luck on release day, next Friday.

But when I was having trouble sleeping last night, my insomnia made the decision for me. When I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 2:30am, I figured what the heck, what's another half an hour? (The official pre-sale was 12:01am Pacific Time).

To my surprise, I breezed right through the AT&T website, got exactly the model and configuration that I wanted, and that was that.

So what's the big deal? I pretty much just like the iPhone.

I have nothing against Android or Windows Phone, I just like iOS better.

I've used an iPhone for the better part of 7 years. I have a MacBook for my personal computer, and I have an iPad Mini. So an iPhone just makes sense, so all of my gadgets work together seamlessly.

Some of the criticism following Apple's big reveal this past week is that other phone makers have already come out with bigger phones and similar technology.

But, to me, the size of the screen doesn't really matter. In fact, I'm kind of turned off by the trend of bigger and bigger smartphone screens. That's why I have an iPad Mini, I don't like the thought of holding what amounts to a notebook up to my head to make a phone call.

From a tech standpoint - the iPhone does what I need it to do. I don't feel like I'm missing out by sticking to the "Cult of Apple".

So that's why I bought an expensive smartphone at 3am. Now, the painful week long wait before it's (hopefully) delivered.