London threw a great party last night!  The closing ceremony of the Olympics had all the necessary tradition and protocol to mark the transition of the Summer Games from London to Rio.  But mostly, it was a night full of fun.  The athletes got to let loose after all their intense practices and competitions.  The audience, both at the stadium and watching TV, felt the excitement and enjoyed plenty of high-energy performances.  Since music is one of Britain's greatest cultural exports, it was fitting that they showcased performers like The Who, George Michael, Madness, and newer artists like One Direction, Taio Cruz, and Jessie J (who I predict will be a big star, by the way...)  And how great was that reunion by The Spice Girls?  Whatever differences the singers might have, I love that they put them aside so we could tap our feet and feel the beat and live in a "Spice World" at least for one night.   Throughout the past couple weeks, I've been really impressed by the good sportsmanship displayed by the athletes.  Fierce competitors from different countries would high five and hug each other for a job well-done.  Beautiful!  And don't you just love how the Closing Ceremony has athletes marching in and mingling with athletes from other countries.  There's no distinct separation as in the Opening Ceremony.  As one of the NBC commentators said last night: "The world is one, at least for one night."  To me, that's one of the best things about the Olympic Games; it reminds us that we're all human and we're all sharing the same planet, despite our different languages, religions or politics.  What was your favorite part of the 2012 Summer Olympics?

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