Here's a PSA for everyone who plans on going to the beach this summer.

As of today, April 29th, there are 31 days until Memorial Day, and 53 days until the start of summer!

We're all looking forward to long beach days with family and friends.  Chilling on the hot sand, running in the water, and having some fun on the boardwalk!  There's nothing better.

Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash
Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash

But being from the Jersey Shore, you know there are some annoyances that come with beach days.  It's a small price to pay for some summer fun.

There's packing up the car, the traffic, and yes - the parking.  A parking spot could either make or break your beach day experience.

Park too far away, and you're left with a long walk to the beach, struggling to carry chairs and coolers.  Park in an expensive lot, and you're out a lot of cash.  And if you're not careful to pay attention to where you park, you could get a pricey parking ticket.

This brings me to my next point.

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash
Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Always be considerate of where you're parking.  Remember, there are people who live in the area year-round.  We're so used to being able to drive a short distance and parking wherever we feel like, but when it gets crowded in the summer, things get sloppy with parking.

Avoid blocking driveways when parking at the beach.

Blocking driveways not only creates a whole mess for homeowners but for you too.  Let me explain.

If your car is even an inch too close to someone's driveway, and they need to leave their home, it's a sticky situation.  The homeowner has to get cops or a tow truck involved just so they can get out of their house.

What if there's an emergency and there's no time to wait for the cops?

Taking a couple of seconds to make sure a person's driveway is clear before parking can make a huge difference.

Be smart, be considerate when parking at the beach, and don't let a potentially costly and dangerous mistake ruin your fun.

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