When did you get your first HDTV?  They started becoming popular in the late 1990s so perhaps you've been enjoying the high quality images for many years.  But not me.  For some reason, I've been watching a clunky 27 inch screen for the past 15 years or so.  But I've finally upgraded!  A 50 inch high-definition, flat screen TV has a new home in my home and I am LOVING it!   When I posted the upgrade news to my Facebook friends, I chuckled reading their responses.  May confessed that they, too, are still holding on to some old clunkers.  One friend still uses the coffee maker I bought him in the 90s!  The other uses pots and pans from that same time period.  I don't think there's an expiration date on such items.  As long as they work and are safe to use, why not?  While it is nice to upgrade, sometimes there's comfort in using a product that's very familiar to you.   Or wearing a pair of jeans you've loved for years (as Shawn posted earlier.)  Are you still using older items in your home?  I still have a landline phone from 1985.  What about you?  What old things do you still enjoy?  Please post in the comments section.

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