As we count down the final hours of 2014, a lot of people will be watching Times Square's iconic ball drop at midnight to mark the new year. Taking a cue from that time honored tradition, a lot of places have some decidedly stranger New Year's Eve traditions.

When I lived in Central Pennsylvania, every single town "dropped" their own symbol on New Year's Eve:

Harrisburg, PA dropped a big, lit strawberry in the middle of the city's "Strawberry Square" shopping and hotel district.

Dillsburg, PA drops, what else, a giant dill pickle.

Lebanon, PA, known for Lebanon Bologna drops, you guessed it, a big bologna.

Mechanicsburg, PA drops a big old wrench.

There are plenty more odd drops in other cities and towns nearby, too.

One making headlines this year is Brasstown, NC, which, for some reason, has a tradition of dropping a live possum (they traditionally lower it in a basket, lest you pictured them simply letting the animal go from a height). This year, however, they will be using an expired animal, or as one official described it, "possibly roadkill".

Everyone has their own way or ringing in the new year, I suppose. What are some strange traditions that you know of? Tell us in the comments!

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