This guy needs his forever home.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Creed has been waiting for over 6 months now to get noticed. He's a beautiful boxer mix that is barely 3 years old and had such a tough start in life. He fell into the hands of the wrong person and found himself chained up in a garage, abandoned, living in filth and squalor. Thankfully, Creed was rescued before he starved to death and now, he's feeling like a brand new pup. Creed quickly put his sad past behind him and is focused on his future. He looks forward to the day when he's a member of a loving family that will love and care for him like he deserves. He is full of spunk and happiness, and Creed loves everyone he meets. He learned manners somewhere along the way and sits instantly when asked. He's playful, bubbly, and bright too. Creed will need to be the only pet in the home but he has enough love to give for a dozen pets. He hopes you'll make his dreams come true.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Check out Creed's video:

The Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter/Zoo is closed due to covid-19, but you can always call ahead of time to meet a four-legged friend. Rescues are always open at the Popcorn Park Zoo. Call them for more information 609-693-1900Click here for their website for available dogs and cats up for adoption.

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