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Shawn Michaels

Our dog Dexter is showing signs of age, is your pet getting older ?

It's a sad fact that our fur babies grow up and do get older and with that signs of age begin to creep in and it's sad at times to see them begin to show their age.


Our Dex is 14 and he has lost his hearing, which is very sad because he gets scared at times because he doesn't know where we are and sometimes doesn't know we are home because he doesn't hear us come in. We try not to sneak up on him, but at times he is startled because of his hearing loss. Thankfully he hasn't lost his vision, he can spot a dog from the window a mile away and lets everyone know to stay off his yard "BARK BARK", and his sense of smell .... he knows when treats are around.

Dex' jumping abilities are becoming reduced so he now needs a hand getting up in certain situations. All in all he still looks like a pup and at times acts like one, but we have noticed age creeping in.

Dexter has been a fantastic dog and we'd love to turn the clock back and keep him forever but we know that isn't the reality. For now we will continue to give him lots of love and take lots of pics to keep him around in our hearts forever.

Are YOU at home also dealing with an aging pet? are they showing signs of getting older?

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