This is a fun "little" article, pun intended. A new survey of the best "tiny" restaurants in New Jersey shows that we have one of the Top 5 just a short drive here in Monmouth County and we want to highlight it for you, in case you haven't tried this one out.


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In a recent article by Only in Your State, they broke down the five best "tiny" little restaurants in the "Garden State". with some "big" tastes. Yes, they may be small in size but their menu is grand.

It's a very cool list of the best five "tiny" restaurants that will leave you with big smiles. In Monmouth County, there is one restaurant in the Top 5 and it's right in Asbury Park. Talula's restaurant (550 COOKMAN AVE #108 ASBURY PARK NJ 07712) made the list of the best "tiny" restaurants.



According to the Only in Your State article, "Talula's isn't your typical New Jersey pizza spot. You'll find creative, hand-crafted pies here, with tasty toppings and flavor combinations you would never imagine. They also have a bar that serves up beautiful craft cocktails."

Here are the picks by "Only in Your State"

5 Tiny But Mighty Restaurants Hiding In New Jersey

1. Graziano's, Chesilhurst

2. Talula's, Asbury Park

3. Noodle Gourmet, New Brunswick

4. Under the Moon Cafe, Bordentown

5. Sandi's Soul Food, Morristown


So do you have a "tiny" place you love to go for a bite to eat? We would love as always to hear your recommendations and maybe try them out ourselves. Enjoy your fav spots to eat this summer with 92.7 WOBM.


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