Stop me if you've heard this before:

Toms River's very own Uncle Dood's Donuts is one of the best in the whole country.

In case it feels like I'm simply forgetting that I already wrote this article once or twice before, I can assure you that this is a new one.

I've already covered Uncle Dood's being named the best doughnut shop in New Jersey back in 2015.

We covered another list that honored the Robbins Street sweet shop just last month.

And now just last week, another list came out raising Dood's even higher among the elite American doughnut shops.

The website that I sourced for the 2015 article of the best in each state narrowed it down even further, as Thrillist picked the 31 best around the U.S.

Obviously, there's not enough room on this list to cover each state, so only the best of the best from coast to coast scored a place among the cream of the crop.

The blurb on Dood's singles out a few favorites, like the maple and bacon "Vermont Swine", the coffee dusted "Cool Beans", and my personal favorite, the Fruity Pebbles covered "Bed Rockin" (which also got some love from last month's Daily Meal list).

Uncle Dood's has become such a local landmark that when telling prize winners where to find the radio station, I always say, "do you know where Uncle Dood's is? We share a parking lot with them", and people always know right where we are.

So another congrats goes out to our friend Dominic and all the people who sling fried heaven every day on Robbins Street! Keep doing what you're doing, Doods!


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