If you've been anywhere near a computer in the last few years, you've certainly heard of "Pizza Rat". 

The viral video of a determined New York City rodent dragging a big slice of NYC pizza down subway steps and off to who knows where went around the world and gathered millions of video views.

Well, it looks like Ocean County now has our very own version of Pizza Rat with the Toms River Doughnut Squirrel. 

I spotted this hungry critter next to the WOBM studios, busily chowing down on what looks like a fresh Uncle Dood's doughnut.

When I got a bit closer, sensing an impending theft (I mean, it is Uncle Dood's after all!), he took off up a light pole and hopped across to the roof of the building next door, determined to enjoy his treat.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Doughnut Squirrel:


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