This is no secret, the price of gas is high and by all signs we are going to see further increases due to the situation in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I’m not here to debate the situation in east Europe but I am here to talk about our gas prices here in Ocean County.

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I recently filled my tank, and I do not have a large car, and it was $50 that’s most I’ve paid in a long time and I’m curious what Washington means when they say we “may” see further increases. According to Newsweek, Vice President Harris said this weekend that “the fallout of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent economic sanctions would almost certainly see energy costs, including gas prices, rise for U.S. consumers.” So I guess that means YES.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So obviously there is not a lot we can do, except drive less. That isn’t an option for many of us so next let’s see if we can find the cheapest prices around so maybe some can save a bit. Only problem is if you live in a different part of the county than the cheapest gas it doesn’t make much sense to drive miles and use gas to get there. So if we find a spot near you, then heck take advantage of it right? Here are some of the prices for this week that we were able to come up with.

  • $3.47 Phillips 66 Rt.35 Wall Township (Linda) Monmouth County*
  • $3.49 Gulf Lanoka Harbor (Debbie)
  • $3.55 Bayville Rt.9 & Morris Blvd (Deborah)
  • $3.55 Sunoco Rt.70 in Lakehurst (Dorothy)
  • $3.56 Delta Rt. 9 Downtown Tuckerton (Paul)
  • $3.57 Sunoco in Toms River (Deb)
  • $3.61 Wawa in South Toms River (Wendy)

According to Gas Buddy, which Amanda found helpful, the lowest in Ocean County is in Brick Township at Conoco $3.39. Followed by Costco on Brick at $3.45 and then Delta in Lakewood at $3.47. Cheapest in Toms River was Tommie Vee’s on Rt 37 at $3.49.

So as you can see there is some money to be saved by finding less expensive gas, nearby. So let’s keep up to date on future prices and we’ll try to keep you posted on the morning show and online too.


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