If you watched the Grammy's last night, you saw a lot of message moments.  Movements of dancers, images on video screens, white flowers, and some powerful performances made it clear the night was not to be glossed over as purely entertainment.  You and your office mates probably spent some time discussing the telecast and the feelings that came up during the night.  The artists' intended to get us talking, and that's what we're all doing today.  On the day after a big event like the Grammy Awards, I'm grateful to have people to talk to.  And, though I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, I'm glad to have it today.  It's giving me an idea of what others got from the performances; things that I missed.  It's allowed me to see highlights from the show that happened after I went to sleep.

Something else happened over the weekend that made me glad to have friends to talk to.  A group of us went to see the film "Phantom Thread."  Interestingly, as we left the theatre, and answered the question, "well, what did you think?" each of us had a different response!  One friend loved it.  One friend hated it.  The friend who is a writer was excited to unpack and discuss the story and the way it was told.  And I expressed how I found the story unsettling, the film slow-moving, but I loved Daniel Day-Lewis's brilliant performance.  We spent the car ride home talking about the movie.  It was interesting to hear what they picked up on that I missed, and vice versa.  It gave us time to process and express some of the icky feelings we felt as a result of seeing the two main characters play out a twisted codependent relationship with each other.

Do you find yourself talking about things you see on TV and in the movies?  Or do you just watch, and then move on?


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