Bacon lovers this is for you.


Bacon, everybody loves bacon, but here are some weird bacon ideas for you.


Bacon for breakfast, bacon on a cheese burger, bacon wrapped scallops, even chocolate covered bacon is tasty, but here are some bacon ideas that I would've never thought of. Check these out:

1. Bacon Milkshake- Bacon milkshakes are blended bacon strips with lots of milk.

2. Bacon Cookies - Maybe I would try these? From the - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookie - CLICK HERE for the recipe. But, my one question, why chili powder?

3. Bacon Sushi - I just might like sushi with bacon. Wrap your sushi in bacon.

4. Bacon Tacos - Instead of the soft shell taco, bacon wrapped taco. Love this.

5. Bacon Brownies - What? Bacon Brownies? CLICK HERE for the Bacon Brownies recipe, thanks to

6. Bacon Sprinkles for a cupcake or ice cream - I call them jimmies, but, not sure about this one. CLICK HERE for the Maple Syrup Cupcakes with Bacon Sprinkles. Would you put Bacon Sprinkles on ice cream?

7. Bacon Apple Pie- CLICK HERE for the recipe. Grilled Cheese is somehow in the apple pie, also.

8. Bacon Jam - Oh no, I like a sweet spread. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

9. Bacon Rice Crispy Treats - These are chocolate and vanilla Bacon Rice Crispy Treats. They could be delicious. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

10. Bacon Wrapped Date or Prune - Oh my, it might help that prune taste a little better. CLICK HERE for the recipe, thank you to for this one.

Thanks to, and, for these bacon recipe ideas.

Sue Moll
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