Well, I must admit whenever I see the adjectives "weird" or "strange" I automatically feel the need to know more lol what is so weird? What is so strange? Sometimes I find it intriguing and sometimes I wish I didn't know.


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This article is all about the "strangest jobs in America". 247tempo.com did the piece and listed the "strangest" jobs in the United States. Including right here in the Garden State. Now before we go further let me say this, anyone who works for a living is a winner in my book. It doesn't matter what the job is, just have one if you can. Working is good on many levels and if you can do one of the "strange" professions listed in their article and make a living, then good for you!

Unsplash.com Elisa Schmidt
Unsplash.com Elisa Schmidt



In the 247tempo article, they selected the strangest job for every state in America. The selection for New Jersey was, are you ready, gum buster!

Yup, gum removal is the pick for Jersey.

Hey, it's something that has to be done, who wants to step in gum, or who wants a business with gum tossed everywhere? By the way, if you chew gum, don't be such a lazy slob that you simply spit it out when finished, discard it properly like a normal human.

If you need a service and wonder who does this work, who are you gonna call? Their article mentions Gum Busters of NY - NJ. They deal with gum and getting it removed before we step into it.

So what do you think?

Do you agree with this profession as the "strangest" in New Jersey?

Would you suggest a "stranger" profession? post your comments below we always love hearing from you.



Unsplash.com Arun Kuchibhotla
Unsplash.com Arun Kuchibhotla


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