So we have reached October which I view as the last really good month of the year because we get stretches of nice weather like we have today and you can still spend a decent amount of time outside.  According to the public opinion and data company YouGov October ranks just behind December when it comes to the month we like best.  Again you have nice weather (especially for those that don’t like the summer heat), beautiful fall foliage, many parades and festivals and Halloween.

15% of those surveyed chose December with 14% picking October as their favorite month of the year.  Rounding out the top four were June and May which makes sense for weather reasons more than anything.  When asked what months they hate the most the results where what you would expect as January and February were clearly first and second. By the way there are obviously many who don’t like hot weather because July and August were not very popular.

As for me personally.  Yes the summer is my favorite time of year but I think September is my favorite month because of the combination of weather and football.  I’ll make June the runner-up and somewhere near the top is December…yes even a grump like me loves the holiday season plus there’s the WOBM Christmas Classic.

What are your favorites?

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