We all have them, we all love them, but they have to be that perfect pair for our feet.

Recently I asked the question, what's your favorite flip flop. So many of you wrote back and said my blue pair, or my pink pair. I would do the same thing. My black pair are incredible and so comfortable. Growing up in Pennsylvania, flip flops were not so popular the way they are here in New Jersey. I love my flip flops. So many of you App chatted me and Facebook messaged me with your favorite flip flop and where you get them, and some of you even sent me a picture, I just love you guys. Some of you didn't know their brands of flip flops, so I tried to match them up...

Favorite Flip Flops in Ocean County

Thank you to everyone that wrote me with their favorite.

Sally in Toms River, Walter in Toms River, Jessie James in Lanoka Harbor, Sam in Brick, Jenay in Brick, Sarah in Brick, and so many others. I found out Ocean County loves their "old" flip flops for the comfort level. We all love wearing our flip flops with jeans or pants, and our favorite color flip flop is black. It matches everything.

So many of you yelled at me (L O L) for wearing socks with my flops. I will never give that up, I love it. Yikes when I say I wear socks with my flip flops, you "flip" out on me.

One more thing about flip flops, how about when they break or someone steps on the back of them and then breaks them...I hate when that happens.

Enjoy our "favorite" footwear here at the Shore.

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Sue Moll


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