We all have a love, hate relationship with the winter.  The cold, lack of leaves, and can't really enjoy a good beach day.


That first snow!  There is something about the white stuff falling from the sky that really sets the mood for the season and the holidays.

Earlier today, just before 11 am this morning, snowflakes were started to fall in downtown Toms River.  Then, later on, it really started to come down again just before 9 pm.  In the area, I'm staying, around Lavallette, we didn't have anything significant settling on the cars or ground.  Everything is just wet, but it was great to see the first snowfall today just a few weeks before Christmas.

I’m personally waiting for enough snow to fall where the drive to work is questionable.  It doesn’t look like we’ll see that kind of storm unless everything happens just right.  Todays snow shower was definitely a good starting point for the season.

Now, will we have a white Christmas?  Never say never but it is highly unlikely but one can hope, right?


Photo: Kyle Anthony
Photo: Kyle Anthony
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That photo may be a little tough to make out so, of course, I was able to get some video.  You know the number one rule, if it is not on social media then it did not happen.

There is something really relaxing about seeing snow on a beach.  Here are some past snowfalls on our New Jersey beaches.



Here's what meteorologist Dan Zarrow said about the forecast.

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