President Donald Trump releasing his tax returns is not a new issue, it dates back to the start of his presidential campaign, to the debates, and numerous speeches made on the campaign trail by Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Even Republican candidate for president, and Ohio Governor, John Kasich released his tax returns March of 2016 to "as pressure on [then candiate] Trump increased".

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Sacramento
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Protestors gathered in major cities throughout the globe this past weekend to demand President Trump to release his tax returns. Clashes in Berkeley, California took place this past weekend between supporters and protestors. NBC reports that people from both sides threw stones, tear gas, lit fires, and battled each other with makeshift weapons.

My question is to you, with everything going on throughout the world - and our country, is President Trump's tax returns an important issue of the times? Surprisingly, according to The Hill - it is! 74% of Americans, Republicans, and Democrats want to see President Trump's tax returns. Do you? Vote below!

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