Some days I feel so grateful that I went to school in the 80s.  I hear current statistics about teen suicide attempts and the anxiety and depression that is so prevalent in today's high schools, and my heart aches for these kids.

My recent TV show binges have included the reality show Undercover High and the prime time drama Rise.  Both gave me a glimpse into what students are facing today.  In addition to keeping up with their studies, they must navigate relationships with friends, significant others, frenemies, and bullies.  The cyber-bullying that goes on, in which people tell others to kill themselves...well, I just can't even imagine how young people are handling such cruelty!

In addition to what they're faced with at school, some kids are also experiencing stressors on the home front;  divorce, abuse, financial problems, homelessness, and addiction.

Because it's Mental Health Awareness Month, I am posting this blog with hopes that you might tap into some of the helpful resources that are available.  Ocean Mental Health Services is one local place you can contact.

And did you know there are a number of Support Groups in Ocean County, specifically addressing teen issues like self-esteem, mood disorders, and anger management?  You can search your neighborhood and find locations on this list put together by Psychology Today.

It's good to know our community has resources available for people who could benefit from some talk therapy, crisis intervention, and support groups.





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