We haven't had too much in the way of snow so far, so a major blizzard is probably pretty far from all of our minds. However, on this day in 2010 we were all hunkering down for a very large snowstorm. The "Boxing Day Blizzard" of 2010 produced as much as 36" of snow at the Jersey Shore. What are your memories of the storm?

Christmas Day that year fell on a Saturday. If you will recall, the forecast waffled throughout that week heading into Christmas. In fact, on Christmas Eve many forecast models were not expecting the storm to be too severe for the Northeast. That would change pretty quickly on Christmas Day. The forecast for the amount of snow increased rapidly on Christmas. I remember being with family that day, and everyone really starting to panic by Christmas dinner that there was a major snowstorm on the way.

The snow started in the morning on December 26, 2010. When it finally stopped early on December 27, 2010 there was a LOT of snow on the ground. Totals as high as 30" were reported in Brick.

Other totals from the National Weather Service included:

  • 28" in Toms River
  • 26" in Bayville
  • 21" in Manahawkin

I've posted a full map showing snow totals down below.

For me I was stranded at a friend's house in Monmouth County. I don't exactly recall when I finally made it home to Ocean County, but it was definitely a few days later. I have very vivid memories of mounds of snow just sitting in the middle of Route 35. I know that was common up and down the parkway. In fact, parts of the parkway and Route 18 were closed during the storm. Hundreds of motorists were stranded. It was pretty rough. I'd definitely say it was among the top five  snowstorms in recent memory in New Jersey.

Now, yes, this Christmas weekend had relatively warm temperatures. So in case you forget what that much snow looks like I pulled up a few videos showing the scenes around Ocean County during the storm.

In this video from Toms River on December 27, 2010 you can hear the wind whipping. It almost gives you a chill today:

This video shows some great shots of the storm's aftermath in Seaside Heights. Definitely brings up some memories since it was pre-Sandy.

In fact, our own WOBM Meteorologist Dan Zarrow whipped his camera out during the storm to record this crazy timelapse of the snowfall in Jackson on December 26, 2010.

And here's one more from the Wall/Belmar area that shows a lot of roads weren't plowed two days after the storm:

Finally, I'll share with you this pretty crazy map that shows the snow totals throughout New Jersey from the storm. In the mean time, leave a comment below to let us know what your memories from the storm were.

Rutgers University Climate Lab