As snow conditions continue to worsen well into the afternoon today with this January Blizzard officials across the Shore are updating us on what's going on out there.

As the snow continues to pile up with wind gusts eclipsing 20 mph, here's what thing have been like on Ocean and Monmouth County roads today.

"Right now they're very treacherous,very slippery but the plows are out...local, county and state," Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy said. "Right now, there's again very slippery conditions and a couple vehicles sliding but no major accidents or incidents to report."

"With the soon as the plow goes by the snow is blowing right back over," Jack Fernandez of SAGE Companies who's out there plowing said. "Because the temperatures are so low, it's a light fluffy snow which is making visibility worse because it's blowing."

"We saw a few accidents and lights down on Hooper Avenue in Toms River. A car must have went off the road, the police and a couple of tows are out," Fernandez said.

"The roads are very treacherous, we're seeing some stranded motorists," Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden said. "We need to reiterate keep off the road. Residents should stay home if at all possible."

"Visibility is very poor and the conditions are such that it's very hard to steer or brake in these conditions," Golden said.

Thankfully he says there's been no major emergencies to report so far today, but crews are ready to head out if needed.

Heading into the peak of the storm and into dangerous conditions this afternoon are local experts offer advice and caution drivers to stay off the roads.

"We are concerned for this afternoon with the high winds," Mastronardy said. "The emergency management center is open and we're ready to assist any local O.E.M.'s or police departments."

"The worst is still to come with the height of it being this afternoon," Golden said.

"The best advice would be to stay home and be comfortable," Mastronardy said.

"Be safe, be curtious, let the plows and salters do their job," Fernandez said. "There's no rush to get anywhere today. Let's keep everybody safe and try and stay off the roads if you don't need to go out."

With freezing temperatures plunging close to single digits and feeling like below zero, tomorrow will be no cake walk to work.

"Give yourself plenty of time," Golden said. "There'll be icy patches and road operations with the plows out there through tonight. Be very careful out there."

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