Ok, be honest, who hasn't licked the bowl after whipping up a batch of cookies at some point?

While doing that at home on a regular basis isn't a great idea, clever entrepreneurs realized that tapping into that urge is a great idea and cookie dough treat shops have exploded in popularity recently.

Earlier this year, Point Pleasant got Just Dough It, and the Freehold Mall welcomed Dough Life.

Well, soon it'll be the Ocean County Mall's turn, as the official Dough Life webpage is listing both Ocean County Mall and Monmouth Mall as "Coming Soon" locations.

Think of it pretty much like ice cream without the whole melting thing, with everything from sprinkles to chocolate chips and more topping a tempting bowl of gooey cookie dough (don't worry, no raw eggs are used, so it's totally safe to indulge!).

We'll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as Dough Life starts slinging bowls of batter to hungry shoppers on Hooper Avenue!


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