I feel like the term "hero" gets thrown around too much sometimes. But every now and then we get reminded of exactly what it means to be a hero. And if it wasn't for a group of heroes this past week, a scary story could have ended in tragedy.

On Wednesday night, Toms River's Donovan Catholic High School was participating in a wrestling match. It started out as a pretty standard match between Donovan Catholic, Toms River North, and Lakewood.

After Griffins wrestler Brandon Gonzalez was declared the winner of the 220-pound match, something sickening happened - he didn't move.

Gonzalez suffered a seizure and his heart stopped beating right there on the mat.

What happened next is what I believe to be the definition of true heroism - 5 people leaped into action and literally saved the young man's life.

Two wrestling coaches, one of the athletic trainers, and two EMTs who happened to be in the crowd performed CPR on Gonzalez, at one point even having to use a defibrillator to restart his heart.

In a day and age where many may be afraid to get involved for any number of reasons, heroes are those who don't hesitate. They leap into action without thinking about themselves. And it's because of a group of selfless adults that a young man is recovering from a terrifying experience.



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