Congratulations Ocean County, you are #1 when it comes to the worst drivers in New Jersey and it’s not even close.  A headline in Tuesday’s Asbury Park Press caught my attention, Where are NJ’s best, worst drivers?

The rankings are based on LendingTree’s QuoteWizard as part of a 2022 study and based on number of accidents, citations, speeding tickets and DUI’s in each municipality.  Let’s skip the ten towns with the best drivers because you won’t find anyone from Ocean or Monmouth County but when you get to the list of worst drivers…well we dominate.

Brick is #1, followed by Howell and Jackson.  Middletown comes in at #5 with Toms River and Lakewood right behind at 6th and 7th.  Manchester rounds out the top 10 giving Ocean County five ranked towns and Monmouth County two.

For what it’s worth the best drivers come from North Bergen, Vineland, Hackensack, Elizabeth and Paterson and New Jersey was ranked as the 18th best driving state in the country.

So what conclusions can you draw from this?  Well the safest towns are those that appear to be more congested where speed is likely not a factor because you can’t drive that fast because of traffic.  For the most part the ranked Ocean County communities have a very large percentage of not only senior citizens but those over the age of 80.  Next to drivers under the age of 29 those over 60 tend to be the most likely to cause an infraction.

So for all those times you said, “People can’t drive around here,” you were spot on.

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