Do you seem to get a lot more reading done at this time of year?  There's something so nice about sitting on the deck or on the beach with a book.  Do you have a stack of books ready to go into your suitcase or beachbag?  Or have you converted to an e-reader?

I'll admit I was a late adopter, getting my first Kindle about 6 years after everyone else seemed to get theirs.  I actually love it for a few reasons.  1) It's lightweight and portable.  There's nothing bulky to carry around.  2) It gives me access to several different books so I can read what suits my mood at any given time.  3) It provides instant gratification.  I'll always feel grateful for the instant download I was able to do during a winter storm.  With the touch of a few buttons, I was able to get the book I wanted to read without having to drive in the snow.

But as I get set to sit in the sand this weekend, I don't think I want to read from an e-reader.  There's something about putting that technology on the beach that I haven't gotten accustomed to yet.  Reading from one of those devices makes perfect sense.  It's practical.  But I like the way a book feels in my hand so I'm going to stay "old school" this summer.

Have you converted to using a Kindle or other tablet for your beach reading?

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